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It is not entirely wrong to say that in term of its people's activities, Bandung has narrowed itself into small scopes of spots: crowds recur only in shopping centers in Dago and Riau, accommodated by the Pasupati flyover, or recreational places as Setiabudi and Lembang. KEUKEN intends to redress back the distribution—we still own a lot more of potential city spots to fill with many bursting doings.
KEUKEN, then, set our glance to Lodaya Sporting District in South Bandung. This exuberant area produces many Bandung's professional and amateur sport legends; and it bears the need to be activated along with its regional and sporting communities which the fields fostered.
KEUKEN #3: THE ATHLETE'S FEAST is aimed to initiate a one-day reminder on how broad our city's possibilities are, with all its fresh and attractive corners waiting to be constantly lived and rejoiced.

Kota Bandung hampir jadi kota yang terpusat dalam titik-titik spesifik yang jumlahnya bisa dihitung jari. Mungkin, lagi-lagi aktivitas hanya berputar perbelanjaan Dago dan Riau yang terakomodir jembatan Pasupati, atau rekreasi di Setiabudi dan Lembang. KEUKEN berusaha menarik tendensi ini untuk kembali sehat—nyatanya masih banyak titik-titik kota yang berpotensi untuk dapat terisi oleh beragamnya aktivitas.
Daerah Lapangan Lodaya di Bandung Selatan-lah yang kemudian kami tilik. Daerah yang selalu terisi oleh aktivitas atletik dan olahraga professional maupun junior ini adalah sebuah contoh ruang alternatif yang sehat, namun butuh teraktivasi.Beragamnya kesibukan di tempat ini secara hangat terhidupi dari kegiatan di dalam lapangan: komunitas-komunitas wilayah dan olahraga tumbuh bersamanya.
KEUKEN #3: THE ATHLETE'S FEAST menginisiasi sebuah pengingat satu hari tentang banyaknya pojok kota yang bisa didatangi, yang sama segar dan indahnya untuk dihidupi dan dirayakan bersama.

highlight booths


As one the fresh cafe merged in the culinary business, Siete Cafe is aiming to provide a cozy and homey place for dining, studying, meeting, or even simply hanging out with choices of western and Indonesian foods, assorted selection of beverages, and various kinds of sweet delicacies.

Jalan Sumur Bandung no. 20, Bandung


Sugarush bears the eclectic ambience between Braga's antiquity and modern pace. Wile maintaining pastas, baked rice and penne as its specialty on main courses, Sugarush also provides assorted desserts as their recommended menus.

Jalan Braga no. 83, Bandung


As a top of mind homemade room butter cookies brand from Indonesia and has been spread its market throughout many other countries, J&C Cookies has kept their quality and taste at its best since 1996. This time at Keuken, they will bring out their agenda on the environment with their 'Jar of Earth' Campaign.


Initiated in 2010, The Dream's Cake engaged themselves to professional pastry chefs and workers in making dreams come true for everyone who is passionate with sweets. Their signature jar cakes deliver combinations on many delicacies.


  • Addictea

    Fresh homemade tea served with choices of milk combinations

  • Blend'onesia

    Original milk-based beverages served in ice-blended freshness and shakes

  • Bola Ketan

    Sticky rice balls smeared with fresh pulpy mango sauce

  • Burritoz

    Mexican-style spiced beef and chickens with veggies wrapped in tortilla

  • Cuscino

    Grilled doughnuts served in spicy and sweet coatings

  • Eat-On

    Cheese-sauced Poutines and grilled bockwurst sausages

  • Es Kering

    Cold snack in talas, durian, and banana flavours with Indonesian essence

  • Fingerbeats

    Platters of spiral potatoes with selections of fish and chicken fingers

  • Giant Corndog

    American style beef sausage (on sticks) coated in a thick layer of cornmeal butter

  • Batagor Hanimun

    Fresh gigantic batagor with specialized savory condiments

  • Happy Cow

    Original-flavored grilled steaks and specialized Japanese wagyu

  • Hip n Chip

    Specially casted chips seasoned in curry, beef and cream cheese sauce

  • Juicide

    Deadly refresher fruit & vegetable juices

  • Kedai Seruput

    Nostalgic baked and steamed dough and traditional fritters

  • Krib0

    Five variants of cassava chips & crackers powdered in extra spicy seasonings

  • Kuma Ramen

    Noodle ramen with authentic Japanese meats, spices and topping

  • Lemon Tree

    Clear, cloudy and fizzy homemade lemonade

  • Mie Merapi

    Spicy wheat noodles blended with gravy and personalized toppings

  • Pino Pizza

    Sweet and beefy-topped homemade pizzas

  • Mie Ayam Popo

    Original Indonesian gravy noodles with freshly picked vegetables and coverings

  • Risoles Melepuh

    Croquette rolled in breadcrumbs with sweet savory minced meat and shrimps

  • Selera's Boeat Keuken

    Rich-flavored Indonesian cuisines packed in compact finger foods

  • Stereo Dessert

    Assorted ice cream cakes and trifles packaged in compact cups

  • Sweet & Sour

    freshly picked lemon cookies and special bavaroise

  • Tre

    Bites and zips of beefy pastas and rice bowls with personalized sauté seafood

  • White Plate

    A premium Cupcake + Petty cake pop in the paper cup ramekin


  • Haryo Pramoe

  • Ringgo Agus Rahman

  • Yuda Bustara

  • Chef Muto (Kungfu Chef)

  • Dara Illahiya The Dreams Cake x Afiqa

  • Khrisna Ranadipura

  • Bastards of Young Collective

  • Pidi Baiq & Musuh-Musuhnya

  • Yoga Nugraha "The Suga Rush"

  • Ikatan Wanita BBC

  • Mulyadi Sushi Origami

  • Kamal Tnc Tiramisu

  • Syafril Zulmy

  • Dimas Putra Pratama


  • Adhitia Sofyan

    Folk Acoustic

    Cool Down Session

  • Banda Neira


    Cool Down Session

  • Tristan

    Folk Alternative

    Great Exercise Time

  • Rusa Militan

    Folk Medieval

    Conditioning Session

  • Echolight

    Instrumental Rock

    Great Exercise Time

  • Partang and The Fellas

    Experimental / Reggae / Soul

    Great Exercise Time

  • DJ Saree



  • DJ Uya



  • DJ Tertiatei



  • DJ Nishkra X DJ Egga



  • Midnight Runners



  • Year of The Ox






  • Dina Dellyana



Community Engagement

    KEUKEN loves to occupy places and open streets on behalf of transient fêtes; yet KEUKEN is constantly indebted to its breathing beats within for an ignorant intrusion. Engaged to these circumstances, KEUKEN attempts to put every people to involvement in every proposed occasion. THE ATHLETE'S FEAST will feature numbers of sporting and athletic groups as well as other Bandung's enthusiastic communities to embrace the open streets and fields in Lodaya.

  • Bike.bdg

  • Rumah Musik Harry Roesli

  • Rumah Cemara

  • Indorunners

  • Piknik Foto

  • Teater Epik


  • Jl.Ters. Buah Batu (Keluar Tol Buah Batu)

  • Lodaya Sporting District

  • Dago Plaza



  • MUSCLE TOV: Arm Wrestling Competition


    Be the most prestigious winner to our very first Arm Wrestling Competition!

    Detail here.

  • ;
  • Open Table at The Spice and Spaces Booth


    Open Table no. 1 "Mediterraneo": A special lunch and dinner cooked by Arifin Windarman and Elgunawan for 20 Keuken's special guest per session.

    Detail here.

  • Pengcab Perbasasi Softball Tournament


    This annual softball competition will bring into action all softball.

    Boxing & Body Building Exhibition


Reclaim The Stree, Run! with Indorunners


Line Dance


The Spice and Spaces Booths

Ease your lust over foods and cookeries on KEUKEN's The Spice & Spaces Booth. As a special treatment for our dearest visitors, The Spice & Spaces Booth will be running an official KEUKEN merchandise store and our signature Long Grill all day long at Lodaya. This time, we'll also collaborate with Open Table to take you on a journey to Mediterranean's dazzling delicacies.

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